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Hey, Didn’t You Used To Be Governor of New Mexico?


He hasn’t had any bloggers on his staff get him in trouble, his position on Iraq isn’t loathed by the base of his party, and no one is asking if he’s “Hispanic enough.” Yet Bill Richardson has, so far, been forgotten, or is at least an afterthought so far in this young campaign season.

I admit, I don’t quite get it. Richardson seems like the guy best-positioned to catapult to the top tier. Two-term governor of a state that went red in 2004, former Secretary of Energy, former Ambassador to the U.N. … generally respected around Washington. We’ve talked about the rumors of skeletons in his closet, but it still doesn’t quite explain why he’s gotten so little attention, and generated so little buzz.

He’s expected to raise $2 million at a fundraiser in Albuquerque.

Maybe being in the background is a wise move right now…

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