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“There Goes Another One.” Edwards Campaign Shedding Bloggers


This is a fine how-do-you-do this morning – an e-mail from Pollowitz saying, “The Other One’s Gone – you have to stop sleeping.”


Melissa McEwan, who blogged at Shakespeare’s Sister has also departed Edwards’ campaign, resigning from her role as a technical adviser. She says this is not the back end of a deal from last week, and I suppose we should take her at her word, but what a surreal sequence of events.


Judging from the reaction on the lefty blogs, I think yesterday’s suggestion that this has been a lose-lose for Edwards is looking accurate.


Is the lesson of this, “when your blogger embarrasses the campaign with controversial statements, fire them immediately”? Because if Edwards had done that last week, he would have made enemies among the netroots and perhaps won some respect from Catholic Democrats and folks tired of overheated rhetoric. And we would be talking about something different today. Instead, it’s been a weeklong story, nobody’s happy with him, and it’s been a perfect drip-drip-drip narrative. Marcotte and McEwan couldn’t even resign on the same day; now it’s a story for another day.


And we used to joke about Kos going 0-for-21 or whatever in general elections; clearly in 2006, the Netroots had a better year with wins by some of their favorites like Webb and Tester. (Or did they just get lucky in an overall good year for Democrats?) But have the netroots proved decisive enough in enough races to really throw around that much weight among Democrats? Is Edwards really going to pay a supreme price among them for the sudden departure of the two bloggers? Or is the situation muddy enough that enough netroots types will believe that Edwards did right by them?


An illustrative statement from Chris Bowers of MyDD: “Throughout this entire incident, Amanda Marcotte has been just about the only person who acted like any normal person would act.”


I guess “normal” is in the eye of the beholder, huh?

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