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Quinnipiac University polls Florida; Hillary leads rivals by a lot, Rudy leads GOP field by a little


Quinnipiac University polled Florida, and found:

Rudolph Giuliani has a razor-thin 47 – 44 percent lead over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, while Sen. Clinton edges Arizona Sen. John McCain 47 – 43 percent.

Clinton tops former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 52 – 34 percent; McCain gets 42 percent to 40 percent for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, a tie; McCain gets 43 percent to 42 percent for 2004 Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, a tie.

In a hypothetical Democratic primary, Clinton dominates with 49 percent, followed by 13 percent for Obama and 7 percent each for Edwards and former Vice President Al Gore.

Giuliani gets 29 percent of Florida Republican primary voters, with 23 percent for McCain, 14 percent for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and 6 percent for Romney.

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