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Hollywood Publicists, Not Quite Up To Speed On Campaign Finance Laws


I saw this headline, and started to wonder if McCain-Feingold had been repealed, or whether Hollywood just decided the laws didn’t apply to them:

Liz Taylor gives Hillary Clinton campaign $100,000

Then I saw the revised version of the story.

(Corrects figure in first and fifth paragraphs to $2,100 for the sum donated. Taylor’s spokesman initially said the donation was for $100,000, but later said this figure was incorrect.)

Dear FEC, please keep an eye on this.

Obama will be hitting up Hollywood in the near future, with some high expectations.

And three of the most powerful men in Hollywood _ Steven Spielberg, Jefrey Katzenberg and David Geffen _ have just invited Democrats to a truly high-profile fundraiser: a Feb. 20 reception for Obama at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with a dinner later at Geffen’s home for top donors.

By the way, this picture – featuring Obama, his lovely wife, and that Lovecraftian horror of a celebrity couple known as “TomKat” – seems to depict the formation of some sort of vortex of celebrity media hype. Had Paris, Britney, Lindsey and Angelina arrived nearby, the entire universe might have been sucked into a massive black hole of celebrity ogling.

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