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Obama’s In! Hillary’s In! Richardson Is In! And South Carolina loves... Joe Biden?


With John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Bill Richardson in the top tier, and Tom Vilsack, Chris Dodd, and Smeagol Dennis Kucinich running as well*, the Democrats have a full house, a mix of veterans and new faces, inside-the-beltway candidates, outside-the-beltway candidates…

So if Joe Biden goes and wins the South Carolina Primary, it’s going to be hilarious. (As opposed to Hillary-ous.)

Think about it. Vilsack either wins Iowa, or causes it to be split so that no one gets out with an impressive win. Nevada goes for Edwards because the unions love him. (Or maybe Richardson displays some Western-state appeal?) Either Obama or Hillary win New Hampshire. And then South Carolina goes for Biden, lousing up the momentum of everyone else.

At this point nothing is certain, but we may not see a rerun of 2004, where Kerry had the nomination more or less sewn up after winning New Hampshire…

*And maybe Al Gore! And maybe Wes Clark! And maybe (oh, please! oh, please!) John Kerry! And…

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