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Overshadowed By You Know Who, Bill Richardson Announces He’s In, Too


Poor Bill Richardson. “And in other news, this other guy announced he was running for the Democratic nomination, too.”

In his interview with Stephanopoulos, Richardson made it clear that he will try to leverage this background by drawing a contrast between the extent of his experiences and those of his likely competitors for the nomination.

“The next president must be able to make us energy independent, must be able to make schools better, create jobs, give the American people, every American, a fair shot,” said Richardson. “To get that done, you need real-life experience. All I’m saying is, a lot of these folks can make speeches about all these things. I’ve actually done it.”

Richardson also is a resident of a western state, making him unique among the major candidates for the nomination.

Richardson’s unique in a lot of ways. Hispanic. Governor (not counting Vilsack). Represents a red state (again, not counting Vilsack). Varied resume.

Then again, there’s this unfair rumor thing that’s been floating around…

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