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A Few Questions, and Answers, About the Changes Around Here


In honor of the new look, new site title, etc. a Dean Barnett-style FAQ:


The Hillary Spot? Doesn’t that presume that she will win the Democratic nomination?


If, come spring 2008, the Democrats nominate Barack Obama or John Edwards as their nominee, then you will see this site become The Obama Spot or The Edwards Spot, or, God willing, The Kucinich Spot.


If Hillary does fall short of her presidential aspirations, then I think I will deserve some credit (or blame) for jinxing her, by a) praising her in my book and b) naming the site after her.


Why the change?


In a few short weeks, my time abroad will come to an end, I will return to Washington, and this portion of NRO will return to its roots – in-depth, all-hours, obsessive-compulsive coverage of the Democratic presidential contenders.


It also means I will no longer have to explain what “TKS” stands for, which I have done roughly 23,456 times since early 2005.


Yeah, what did TKS stand for, anyway?


Technically nothing, although it evoked this site’s origin as The Kerry Spot.


Wasn’t that kind of like Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC?


Are there any other questions?


So you won’t cover Republicans?


When I hear news, you’ll hear it, no matter which candidate is involved, although my “beat” will be the Democrats.


I’m a Democratic strategist, campaign worker, or reader. Why should I return your phone calls, talk to you or even bother to read you, you right-wing Re-thug-lican?


I aim for my coverage to be tough but fair, I hate getting things wrong, and I try to correct my mistakes quickly. I also aspire to give credit where it is due, and I attempt, but do not always succeed, to approach the arguments of the Democrats with an open mind. The Kerry folks thought I was actually pretty fair to their man.


But you’re still a Republican, right?


Actually, I’m registered independent. I’m generally a right-of-center guy, as regular readers can tell.


So who are you rooting for?


At this point, no one. I can find something positive to say about just about all of the Republican contenders, and it is conceivable that I could vote for the Democratic nominee in 2008.




I said ‘conceivable,’ not likely. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, in November 2008.

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