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Will Obama’s Official Announcement Come on Oprah?


Guess that Obama presidential announcement isn’t coming on Martin Luther King day after all. Nonetheless, the news is full of accounts suggesting an official announcement is not far off.

(Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King and his beliefs were considered controversial; today the man is honored as a secular saint. I wonder what controversial ideas of today will be considered settled issues, fifty years from now. Probably bilingual education. The politicians of 2057 will probably agree that it is unwise to teach children two languages simultaneously, as it will hinder children’s efforts to learn America’s dominant language, and it is better to immerse them in the common tongue spoken everywhere: Spanish.) 

Hotline looks at Obama’s team, while the Chicago Sun Times has lunch with Obama’s financial guy, Louis Susman, who was John Kerry’s national finance director. 

An interesting excerpt:

How much money did Susman raise for Kerry? A bundle: $247 million.


A vacuum cleaner was how someone once described him for a 2005 Tribune article, saying Susman was able to ‘’Hoover’’ money from ‘’deep pockets.’’ Another described him as that ‘’rare successful businessman who has the heart of a political operative.”


There is a big part of his heart that belongs to former Gov. Tom Vilsack (D-Iowa), a dear friend, who is already in the running for president in 2008. But Susman has told Vilsack (and every other presidential hopeful who’s asked . . . he won’t specify whom) that he is giving his whole political heart to Obama. He calls the Illinois senator ‘’extraordinary,’’ and marvels at his trip to New Hampshire late last year. ‘’It’s unheard of what happened in New Hampshire, unheard of that people were scalping tickets to see Obama.’’

And the Chicago Tribune argues that Illinois should move up its primary to help Obama. “Root, root, root for the home candidate…”


UPDATE: Could Obama be announcing on Oprah on Wednesday?

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