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Obama Announcing on Martin Luther King Day?


An interesting, and believable rumor: That Barack Obama will announce his candidacy on Martin Luther King Day.


Boy, I think that timing would work. Would work really well, in fact.

Hillary Clinton announcing on Susan B. Anthony Day just wouldn’t have the same power and resonance.

The New York Times’ sources are telling a different story, however: 

Obama, Democrat of Illinois, is not likely to say whether he intends to seek the party’s presidential nomination until after President Bush’s State of the Union address on Jan. 23. As he walked out of the Capitol on a recent afternoon, Mr. Obama only smiled when asked about his timing. Then, he rushed to change the subject.

Initially, Mr. Obama said he intended to announce his decision after returning from a holiday vacation in Hawaii, where he was visiting his grandmother and other relatives. Now, several people close to the senator say, he needs a little more time to make up his mind.

In related news, Dennis Kucinich is singing for votes in New York. This is one of those moments where you just have to love the all-out wackiness of American politics.

Interestingly, Kucinich earned the following praise from Magic Johnson: “He made some great comments… I like his energy.”

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