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Gallup informs us:

Even as Gallup’s underemployment measure shows that more people are getting full-time jobs, 21% of American workers think it is “very” or “fairly” likely that they will lose their jobs or be laid off during the next 12 months. That is nearly twice the 12% pre-recession level of 2007 and about the same as the 19% recorded in late 1982, during another deep recession.

1975-2010 Trend: Thinking About the Next 12  Months, How Likely Do You Think It Is That You Will Lose Your Job or Be  Laid Off?

Further reflecting today’s lack of job security, 38% of Americans employed full- or part-time say they are “not at all likely” to lose their jobs over the next year — down 19 points from April 2007, and by far the lowest level of self-professed job security Gallup has measured since 1975.

But as Tim Geithner assures us, some parts of the economy are “very strong.”

I presume he means the government parts.

The stimulus is working!


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