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NRA Endorses John McCain Over
J. D. Hayworth


I’m a little surprised by this.

The National Rifle Association endorsed John McCain Thursday in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary . . .

Hayworth has attacked McCain’s record on gun rights, saying the four-term Senator has supported restrictive legislation. Hayworth touts an endorsement from Gun Owners of America, a smaller gun-rights lobbying group. The NRA endorsed McCain in three of his four previous runs for the U.S. Senate, but it stayed out of his race in 2004 against a little-known Democrat. The organization endorsed Hayworth in at least six of his seven U.S. House races.

One way of interpreting this is that the NRA likes the fact that high percentages of the candidates they endorse win election, and thus don’t endorse a lot of underdog challengers. While Hayworth has gained, recent polls put McCain up by about 12. While a certain segment of conservatives have had enough with Maverick, he’s been pretty solid on the gun issue.

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