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Defining Birtherhood Down


This is a response that Dave Weigel of the Washington Post characterizes as “going birther.”

HARRIS: You know, Corey, there are a lot of folks who will look at what happened with regard to that Hawaiian birth certificate and say, you know what, why isn’t all the truth coming out, or why are things being hidden? I don’t know why they’re being hidden but I will tell you right now Barack Obama is our president. I think we have got to just realize that he’s going to be the president until 2012 and if he isn’t doing the job that America thinks needs to be done, in 2012 we get to elect a new president. And that’s what we got to focus on. In 2010, we have to focus on electing a new Congress and in 2012 we have to focus on electing a new president.

I suppose the comment about “things being hidden” could be loosely construed as not disagreeing with Birther theories, but this is pretty mild stuff, particularly considering the comments immediately following that Obama is “our” president — notice not “the president” — and that he contends it’s a moot question, that Obama will serve the remainder of his term.

Weigel says, “I’m constantly amazed at the number of Republicans who don’t simply dismiss the question”; the above words seem pretty dismissive as a whole. Perhaps a Republican candidate could respond to every question in this vein with, “What a stupid question, you jerk,” but it’s hard to blame a candidate for being polite and respectful even to voters who espouse outlandish theories.

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