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Blanche Lincoln: Forget Everything I Said in My Primary Ads


Wow. As we watch the rapid rotation of Arkansas senator Blanche Lincoln as she pivots from her primary stances to her general-election stances, take a moment to realize that if could harness the energy of that powerful, fast spin like a watermill, we could easily achieve national energy independence:

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln is denying she was the deciding vote on health care reform, a month after staking that claim during her battle for the Democratic primary. Lincoln told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story published Thursday that she wasn’t the deciding vote for the overhaul that President Barack Obama signed into law. Lincoln, however, ran a television ad during her primary fight with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter that said, “I cast the deciding vote to pass health care reform.”

John Boozman for Senate: Because he knows what the heck he thinks on any given day.

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