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What Scott Brown Hath Wrought


Fred Bauer notices:

Massachusetts is witnessing a rise in Republican excitement potentially beyond even that of 1994:

By last week’s filing deadline, 37 candidates qualified to run in primaries for the state’s 10 seats in the US House of Representatives, twice as many challengers as in recent years. That includes 24 candidates on the Republican side alone — meaning a party that has often had trouble fielding even a single candidate will now have some crowded and competitive primaries.

. . . A Republican candidate for the 10th, Jeff Perry, suggests the psychological importance of Scott Brown’s victory (Brown has endorsed Perry in the GOP primary):

“The best thing that happened to our ability to win was Scott Brown winning in January,’’ said Jeffrey D. Perry . . . “His victory created an understanding that Republicans can win, even in Massachusetts.’’

How many other incumbents are protected only by the widespread misperception that they can’t be beaten?

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