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North Carolina Democrat Bob Etheridge, Street Fighter


Wow. Whatever you do, don’t ask Rep. Bob Etheridge, North Carolina Democrat, if he fully supports the Obama agenda:

I can understand a lawmaker’s wariness about somebody showing up with a flip-camera and asking questions, but I think even Sean Penn would tell him to ease up on how he handles videographers. The last time I saw someone handled that roughly while the interrogator demands, “Tell me who you are!,” it was an episode of 24.

The Republican running against Bob Etheridge in North Carolina’s 2nd district is Renee Ellmers. I hope she’s up to speed on her taekwando.

UPDATE: Jon Thompson, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, comments: “Bob Etheridge has lost it. His conduct is unbecoming of a member of Congress. It’s bad enough that he’s joined Obama’s assault on North Carolina jobs, but his physical assault on a college student goes beyond the pale.”

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