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North Carolina Democrats Mum on Pelosi as Speaker Next Year


This is step one; the next step is for the GOP rivals of these lawmakers to repeat the question until it is answered:

As they seek re-election, North Carolina’s centrist Democrats are quick to claim their independence from the party’s liberal Washington leadership. And yet the state’s three self-styled moderates — Mike McIntyre, D-7th; Larry Kissell, D-8th; and Heath Shuler, D-11th — refuse to say how they plan to cast what may be the most consequential vote of the 112th Congress: the vote for speaker of the House.

Carolina Journal contacted the offices of Shuler, the whip of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition, fellow Blue Dog McIntyre, and Kissell, and asked whether they planned to vote to re-elect Speaker Nancy Pelosi if Democrats retained control of the House in November and she was renominated. Phone calls and e-mails were not returned.

It’s a simple question. Because all three voted for Pelosi in the past, voters would be reasonable to assume that a vote for any of these three is a vote for another two years of Pelosi as Speaker.

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