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The Greene and Meek Debate


Florida Democrats are already enduring a Senate front-runner who’s polling in the mid-teens in a three-way race (Kendrick Meek); they probably cringed during this morning’s rough-and-tumble debate:

The debate seemed to be fizzling out as Greene and Meek agreed on the issues. However when asked about the federal stimulus bill backed by President Obama, Meek praised the measure–and then bashed Greene for his role in Wall Street scandals.

Greene taunted Meek, saying the only job he had created was a consulting job for his mother. Meek went after Greene for the attack, noting his mother’s long career in public service when she was a single mother.

Despite that testy exchange, both of the candidates offered some support for the stimulus. “We would have gone into a depression, not a recession, if it weren’t for the stimulus bill,” said Meek.

Greene said the stimulus did not do enough for permanent job growth. “We’re in an economic world war right now,” said Greene. “This isn’t a skirmish.” Greene warned that other nations were looking to take American jobs. Both candidates ended the debate by attacking one another again, Meek insisting that Greene’s career in finance hurt working Floridians and Greene insisting that Meek represented corrupt politics as usual.

Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist are obviously hard-fighting rivals, but I bet they could have gotten together and watched this debate over popcorn.

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