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More Reasons It’s Too Early to Worry About Rubio


A pro-Rubio Republican watching the Florida Senate race offers some more reasons why it’s too early to panic about Charlie Crist’s lead in recent polling.

Rubio’s positions are still favored by the majority of Floridians: According to the Quinnipiac Poll, President Obama’s approval rating is 40-54 . . . Floridians want a check-and-balance above all else in the Senate, not someone who is flip-flopping to get in line with Obama or someone else who votes 98% of the time with Speaker Pelosi. Floridians still oppose ObamaCare and are concerned about the out-of-control spending and mounting debt crisis. The Florida unemployment rate is still one of the highest in the country and more and more people believe the stimulus was actually harmful to the country . . .

. . . While they don’t get as much attention as polls, the Rubio camp is taking strong steps to prepare for the fall. It’s built a pretty expansive field team that is actively identifying supporters/volunteers and the state party is building a strong organization to get out the vote. The Rubio campaign also has the added benefit of a grassroots trial run in August for the Republican primary. That will pay dividends in the fall . . .

. . . We have seen this before: Conventional wisdom this time last year was that Crist had this in the bag . . . Your fourth point was right. How long can someone sustain the image of a flip-flopper? And these are transparent flip-flops whether it be on abortion, gay adoption, Cuba and so forth. For every flip-flop he makes in order to align more closely with Obama, he is angering key constituencies at the same time . . .

Crist still hasn’t answered a critical question of why he wants to be a U.S. Senator. No one knows why Charlie Crist wants to be a U.S. Senator. Part of why Republicans rejected Crist in the primary is that there was no rationale beyond. “I can win.” In this election cycle, that is the worst rationale.

On that last point, a reader spots a Crist web ad that touts the fact . . . that he leads in polls. Not leads the state, just that he leads in polls.

'Charlie Crist Leads in Florida Senate Race.'

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