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The Lees of Old Utah


It’s a bit of an upset compared to the pre-election polls, and a win for the Tea Party. Barring some amazing turn of events, the next senator from the state of Utah will be Mike Lee:

After weeks of bitter sparring, attorney Mike Lee won a hard-fought victory over businessman Tim Bridgewater, clinching the Republican nomination and likely a spot as Utah’s next U.S. Senator. Lee led Bridgewater 51 percent to 49 percent with 97 percent of the precincts reporting. “We had an army of hard-fighting, hard-campaigning volunteers and they just refused to quit because they believed in our message,” Lee said late Tuesday. 

Considering how Republican Utah is, Lee is likely to serve his state social-Lee, political-Lee, financial-Lee, natural-Lee, internal-Lee, external-Lee, fraternal-Lee, eternal-Lee . . .

UPDATE: Robert Costa has more.

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