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I Suppose These Guys Could Be Useful For Something.


The addenda to today’s Jolt:

I know I’m supposed to be horrified that Sharron Angle declared, “I’m glad to be lumped with a crowd of mainstream Americans who believe, as they showed at the polls, that Senator [Bob] Bennett [of Utah] has outlived his usefulness.” But there’s something rather refreshing about this macabre phrasing of an obvious point. We just buried Robert Byrd quite a few years after he really had the health and vitality to function in the job. We have some Supreme Court justices who look like they cut their teeth on Marbury v. Madison, twelve percent of the U.S. Senate is 76 years or older, and 48 members of the House are 70 or older. (Of course, all of them are covered by David Broder, Bob Schieffer and until recently, Helen Thomas.) Sure, some of these folks are hale and hearty and can still ably perform their duties, but these aged incumbents and lifetime appointees ensure that new blood only comes to Washington in the smallest of doses. Anyone want to argue that the departing-in-primaries-class of 2010 — guys like Bennett, Allan Mollohan, Parker Griffith, Bob Inglis and Jim Gibbons — are irreplaceably useful to American governance? Let’s hear it for a candidate bold enough to embrace the Darth Vader Philosophy of Executive Management. “You have failed me for the last time, Senator Specter.”

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