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Should Marco Rubio Be Keeping His Powder Dry?


Longtime GOP consultant and Florida resident Roger Stone complains that Marco Rubio is taking an unnecessary risk by not putting campaign commercials up on the air yet:

Elections are always won by the candidate who dominates the dialog , frames the choice for the voters and defines the race. I expect Rubio to out-raise Crist in the quarter. Rubio has the money to communicate. This race has started yet Marco is strangely silent, letting Crist set the debate and dominate the race. Marco could further dry up Crists remaining moderate Republican votes by reminding voters of Crist broken property tax pledge and make Crist’s failed record as governor the reason to deny him a Senate seat.

It is midsummer and LeBron James just came to town. To the extent Floridians are paying attention to the news, it’s probably about the oil getting closer and closer to their coasts. Rubio is probably wise to keep his powder dry, build up a massive warchest for autumn, and dominate the airwaves for the final two months or six weeks or so. Charlie Crist has been cut off from most GOP donors.

Race-watchers made a similar charge against Joe Sestak earlier this year in the Pennsylvania primary. He was supposedly blowing a winnable primary challenge against Arlen Specter; he started putting up ads, and gained ground fast. It’s easy to picture a similar scenario against another former Republican running for Senate.

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