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Russ Feingold Trails?


Feingold is trailing? Feingold is trailing?

(Picture the above question in your best CNN anchor “Chicago is out?!?” impression.)

The latest Rasmussen numbers in Wisconsin are fascinating. (A few months back, lefty bloggers complained that Rasmussen’s Wisconsin poll smelled funny, but the only other pollster to compare it to, PPP, found similar results. Rasmussen has Feingold remarkably consistently at 46 percent.)

Beyond the headlines in Rasmussen’s latest poll of Wisconsin likely voters: 69 percent say the country is still in recession; 41 percent say economic conditions are getting worse, 32 percent say it’s getting better and 23 percent staying the same. Only 8 percent rate the economy “excellent” or “good.” An entire 56 percent say the stimulus failed to create new jobs, only 27 percent say it did. Only 33 percent agree with the DOJ lawsuit against Arizona.

Mind you, all of this is in a state where Obama won 53 percent to 46 percent.

Wisconsin may be a fascinating indicator this year. If a three-term incumbent, who won with 56 percent of the vote last time, is stuck in the mid-40s and is in serious trouble, this may be a huge wave year.

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