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I Guess Tim Kaine Is Now One Degree From Kevin Bacon


The closing notes of this morning’s Jolt:

I’ve learned not to tout my upcoming television appearances too loudly, because you can always end up bumped by breaking news. But I’m scheduled to appear Sunday on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz, expected to talk about Fox News’ coverage of the New Black Panther Party case.

For a jovial note to end the week, I offer perhaps the best RNC e-mailed press release of the year: “Friends — by now you may have heard that the DNC has issued a memo entitled “Putting Voter Sentiment and Recent Polls in their Proper Perspective.” Below is an alternate version that better captures the Democrats latest attempt dismiss voter anger with the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda. Please take a look. Thanks.”

(In case you can’t open the link, it leads to the closing scene of Animal House, where Kevin Bacon attempts to control a riot by yelling “Remain calm! All is well! All is well!” and fails miserably.)

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