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Everybody Gets Their Day in Court, or at Least They’re Supposed to Get One


A taste from the end-of-the-week Jolt:

I like the way Jake Boot at identifies Rangel – “D, Tammany Hall” and suggests that “under a long-gathering ethical storm, knows the game is just about over” by grousing at a reporter, “It doesn’t even sound like MSNBC, asking these dumb questions.”

A Democratic source told RealClearPolitics’ Kyle Trygstad that Republicans should hold off on using the issue as an attack line. “If Washington Republicans want to have a debate on ethics, bring it on. Thanks to Jack Abramoff, there’s a long line of Washington Republicans that are already in or soon will be in orange jump suits,” the source said.

“Soon will be”? More Abramoff convictions? Come on. The indictment against Tom DeLay is so old it’s written on stone tablets in Sanskrit. Entirely separate from what one thinks of DeLay (or his dancing moves), it is a disgrace to the American justice system that DeLay was indicted on conspiracy charges in 2005 and yet has never had a chance to defend himself, because no prosecutor has brought the charges to court. It’s like he’s being pursued by an amnesiac lynch mob.

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