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Taxes for Thee, Not for Me


From the RNC this morning:


Senator John Kerry Is Avoiding Paying $500,000 In Taxes On His Yacht.

Obama’s First Nominee For HHS Secretary, Tom Daschle, Failed To Pay $128,000 In Taxes.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Failed To Pay $34,000 In Taxes.

HHS Secretary Sebelius And Her Husband Had To Pay $7,000 In Back Taxes.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ Husband Had A Tax Lien On His Business For 16 Years.

Nancy Killefer, Slated To Be The White House Chief Performance Officer, Had A $900 Lien On Her House For Failing To Pay Unemployment Taxes For Household Help.

Lael Brainard, Obama’s Nominee For Undersecretary Of The Treasury For International Affairs, Was Late In Paying Property Taxes.

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