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Wednesday Is a National Holiday, Right?


Organizing for America asks me:

President Obama turns 49 in just two days, and OFA supporters in Arlington are getting ready to mark the occasion.

They’re hosting birthday parties in community centers, coffee shops, and their homes, celebrating our accomplishments and helping recruit new volunteers.

This fall, we need to get as many of the 15 million first-time voters from 2008 as possible back to the polls, and we’ll need volunteers in every state to reach them.

So this Wednesday, will you join us to celebrate the President’s birthday and contact potential volunteers?

Hey, guys? The national unemployment rate’s been above 9 percent since last May. Friday’s jobs report might have it creeping back up again. He’s been underwater in most polls since mid-May.

I think a lot of Americans have bigger things on their plate than the president’s birthday.

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