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Sharron Angle Takes to the Airwaves, Again and Again


I will have a longer take on these matters in the not-too-distant future, but if you’ve been keeping an eye on the high-stakes Nevada Senate race, you know that Sharron Angle’s campaign has been making a lot of television and web ads – see here, here, and here.

And these are not small buys for these ads; I’m told the point totals are comparable to autumn-level in most places. When Angle won the primary, Harry Reid pursued one of the only strategies left available to him: Spend a ton early and try to define Angle as a loon, make her unelectable, and hang on in November despite the state’s miserable economic conditions.

Angle’s counter-move is gutsy: With money coming in fast, her campaign figures waiting until the fall will be too late. Team Angle is using the funds coming in now to ensure competitiveness. Judging by her jump in the Mason-Dixon poll, it’s working.

It’s a circle; advertising keeps her poll numbers up; if the poll numbers stay up, people think she’s going to win and they keep writing checks, which is used to fund more advertising. If either gets interrupted, she’ll fall behind, and GOP donors will give to other candidates instead.

Her approach has worked so far. But the Angle campaign, perhaps more than any other candidate’s, needs to keep up their current pace of fundraising for the final stretch.

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