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Is Barbara Boxer Really ‘Little Miss Attila’?


If Barbara Boxer didn’t like being called “ma’am,” I can only imagine how she’ll react to being called “Hun.”

And I don’t mean short for “honey”:

“Today, Barbara Boxer treats business much like the Huns treated the cities of Europe as targets of plunder and pillage,” said Jack Stewart, president of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association. ”We need a leader in Washington, D.C., who’s going to stand up for the businesses of Californians. And it’s not just the businesses you’re standing up for; it’s the employees you’re standing up for.”

The Huns, thought to be a confederation of tribes from Europe and central Asia, invaded Europe during the fourth and fifth centuries. Their most feared ruler was Attila the Hun, who ruled during the fifth century and has been nicknamed the “Scourge of God.”

Fiorina took on the Demonsheep, but defeating the Scourge of God is a much bigger task.

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