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Democrats Finally Find the Puppet Masters on the Ground Zero Mosque Issue


We’ll have to offer some sort of medal awards for least-convincing spin during this election cycle. Because this one, in an article about how each party is responding to the Ground Zero mosque controversy, seems golden:

Republicans have good reason to push the issue, said Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos. “Who gets moved by these comments? The answer is independents.” Paleologos said. “Independents are driven by issues like this.”

But can Republicans get traction if the Democrats are careful not to engage? A Democratic leadership aide revealed that the Dems do, in fact, have a counter strategy; they just haven’t deployed it yet. Republicans, the aide said, are trying to manufacture a national issue at the expense of focusing on local issues — like jobs. “It provides more evidence that they [Republican candidates] are not independent,” the aide said. “That they are beholden to D.C. puppet masters.”

In this case, the GOP’s puppet master appears to be . . . a wide majority of the American people.

Those folks are apparently pulling the strings of Harry Reid, too.

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