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Push Polling in Alabama?


Sometimes a push-poll is in the eye of the beholder — campaigns like to test out messages, to see which ones are most persuasive — but this reader’s description of one in Alabama’s 2nd congressional district appears to fit the bill:

My dad tells me he’s been push-polled by Bobby Bright twice in the last few weeks.  Method is to start out with innocuous questions, then throw in stuff like, “Would it change your decision about voting for Bobby Bright if you knew he . . .” followed by boilerplate about how he’s just a good old boy from Coffee County who goes to church five times a week and loves puppies.

Dad’s been giving those “pollsters” exactly as much respect and consideration as they deserve.

That said, he’s not convinced (and neither am I) that Bright is doomed, even in a year like this. Yeah, Bright won by the skin of his teeth in ’08, and a Democrat fits in that district about as well as outdoor hockey, but as in a lot of Southern states that were one-party politically until relatively recently, Alabama just doesn’t have much of a bench on the GOP side. They put up a very weak field in the primary, and I’m afraid it’ll take a monsoon-level wave to push Roby over the top.

Bright is doing better than many other Democrats in deep-red districts. But then again, this is an R+16 district, and the locals will have to decide whether they want to continue representation by a man whose first vote each cycle is to make Nancy Pelosi speaker.

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