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NRSC, Joe Miller Readying For Joint Singalong of ‘Kumbaya’


“Kumbaya, my Lord… Kumbaya…”


AK attorney Joe Miller may not be thrilled with the NRSC, but the party committee is spending money to prove Miller’s candidacy isn’t doomed if he prevails over Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R).

A new survey conducted for the NRSC shows Miller leading Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams (D) by a 52%-36% margin. And other metrics in the Last Frontier skew the race heavily in Miller’s favor, even after other surveys show he begins his race as an unpopular contender.

Fully 57% say they want a GOPer to provide a check and balance over Pres. Obama, while only 33% want a Dem to help pass the WH agenda. Obama’s job approval ratings clock in at just 40%, while 53% disapprove.

“Someone’s polling, my Lord… Kumbaya…. “

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