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I Think Wayne Enterprises Is One of Those Agencies


In Time magazine:

The official says he can’t recall a dry run in any of the scores of cases he’s worked on. “Rehearsing an attack runs the considerable risk you’ll be caught without ever being able to attempt the strike — which is the only goal of terrorists,” he says. “If you’re determined to strike and have chosen your method, you’d be better off taking your chances, since success isn’t even an option if you don’t try. Testing the terrain simply increases the risk you’ll be caught without ever really have constituted a threat.” Most would-be terrorists, he says, go through painstaking, detail-obsessed planning in the shadows to increase their chances of success once they go into action — though that sort of sweating the small stuff usually helps set off vigilante antiterrorism agencies.

“Vigilante anti-terrorism agencies”? Oh, hell yeah. Sign me up. I don’t want a badge or training; I just want the masked cowl and chance to beat the snot out of terrorists.

Wait . . . oh, I guess they probably meant vigilant antiterrorism agencies.

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