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What November Could Bring


Over on the home page, I take a look at what America’s political landscape will look like if the GOP takes care of business and wins as many races as the polls indicate these days. Redistricting could make good numbers for the GOP in the House even better. The Senate Democrats who won in 2006 would face, most likely, a much tougher environment in their reelection bids. And the White House would have to figure out how to govern without the trump card of massive legislative majorities.

Working on campaigns can be fun, but often isn’t. There’s always more work to do. There are rarely enough people around to do it. If you’re a volunteer, it’s easy to say you’ve done enough.

I hope campaigns put this article up on the wall in the offices, and I hope it reminds everyone in the grassroots what they can do if each person pulls out all the stops between now and when the polls close November 2.

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