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Both Folks and Folks Don’t Like It When You Suggest They’ll Back OBL


From the last Jolt before Labor Day Weekend:


I’m sure we all have our own “I want this guy to go down” list. Start with Indiana’s Baron Hill for his arrogant attitude towards his constituents at his town hall meeting. Florida’s Alan Grayson for believing Congress needed to emulate the tone and attitude of the comments section of Daily Kos. Betsy Markey of Colorado suggested that the health care issue could fade in her district by November, a dismissal of voter concerns so blithe and out-of-touch, one wonders if she simply tunes out anything she doesn’t want to hear.

And South Carolina’s John Spratt is high on that list now“If Osama bin Laden ran in this district as a Republican, he would get 38 to 40 percent of the vote in any election year,” says Wayne Wingate, Spratt’s communications director, as he walks alongside the congressman at the festival. “This is a very Republican district. So you’ve got that plus this tea party angst against any incumbent in the world right now.”

You know how you know you have really messed up? When the web site run by Will Folks – you remember, the infamous guy who claimed Nikki Haley found him physically irresistible and never generated much proof – can take the moral high ground, you’ve made a terrible error: “Good Lord … Spratt was ‘walking alongside’ this guy? And he didn’t strangle him for saying something so stupid? Or at the very least pop him upside the head saying, ‘what is ya, ig-nrant?’”

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