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Hey, Tim, ‘Nothing’ Beats ‘Harm’ Any Day of the Week


Via Politico:

DNC CHAIRMAN TIM KAINE’s speech at Penn today (before he scoots back to NYC to tape “The Daily Show,” followed by Vice President Biden on “Colbert”): “President Harry Truman had a phrase for the Republican Party. He called them the ‘do-nothing’ party. It’s been more than 50 years since President Truman leveled that charge, but the name still fits. . . . On Election Day, it will be Americans’ turn to choose. They can choose Republicans who drove our country into a ditch. . . . Or they can choose Democrats who are helping us climb out of that ditch.”

After a stimulus that spent a bunch but didn’t create many jobs, passage of a massive and Byzantine health-care law that a majority of Americans opposed, bailouts of every troubled industry down to AIG bonus checks, one expensive failed housing-rescue effort after another, broken promises on tax hikes, runaway deficits, lawsuits against Arizona, applause for Mexican president Calderon denouncing one of our states, a retracted defense of the Ground Zero mosque and then a retraction of the retraction . . . doesn’t a “do-nothing” party sound pretty good right now?

By the way, it’s pretty striking to see a party chairman, whose side has 59 seats in the Senate and 253 seats in the House, complain that the opposition isn’t getting enough done.

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