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President Obama’s ‘Underwater Tour 2010’ Dates Announced


The AP tells us

President Barack Obama is coming to a swing state near you this fall.

The Democrat known for packing stadiums from coast to coast plans at least four major rallies in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada before the Nov. 2 midterm elections.

He also plans to host a teletown hall event in October to fire up backers of his 2008 presidential campaign in hopes they turn out for Democratic candidates this fall. That’s according to the Democratic National Committee.

Obama plans to host a rally in Madison, Wis., on Sept. 28; Philadelphia on Oct 10; Ohio on Oct. 17, and Las Vegas on Oct. 22.

Party aides say the White House also could add more presidential appearances in the run up to the elections.

Let’s unpack this: Wisconsin is to help Feingold and Tom Barrett in the governor’s race. Philadelphia is presumably to help Sestak and Onofrio in those statewide races, and maybe the swing districts in the Philly suburbs. Ohio is one that he technically has to do, even though support for Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher looks pretty anemic right now.

And the final one, closest to the election, is Nevada, to help save Harry Reid and maybe help Rory Reid avoid an embarrassing landslide. Maybe a House race or two.

Not much on offense, really; no Florida, no Missouri, no New Hampshire, no effort to help out a Democratic challenger in Louisiana or North Carolina. Obama’s underwater in Ohio, underwater in Pennsylvania, underwater in Nevada, and a little underwater in Wisconsin. (I guess it’s not that surprising when you’re underwater nationally.)

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