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Trail-Blazing Lee Fisher Bends to No Man!


Ben Smith of Politico notices:

Ohio [Democratic] Senate candidate Lee Fisher is crossing that line as well, with a campaign fundraiser [the evening of September 11] at the home of a Mansfield City councilwoman, Ellen Hairing. Asked about the timing, a Fisher aide noted that earlier that day, the Democrat is attending a first-responder dedication ceremony in Hilliard, Ohio.  His Republican opponent, Rob Portman, isn’t doing any events that day, an aide said.

“Fisher is, as far as I know, the only federal candidate in the country holding a fundraiser that day,” Smith notes.

Indeed, 9/11 is less marked as an anniversary year by year; Fisher’s act would have been unthinkable in 2002 or probably even 2006. This will probably not have much impact on the race; Fisher is already trailing by quite a bit.

But would you want to be the only candidate in the country holding a fundraiser that day?

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