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Doesn’t Chris Coons’ Lead Seem a Little . . . Small?


A reader writes in:

Sir, I hope you will mention that O’Donnell is down sixteen points down in the latest PPP poll.  Hot Air seems to be blacking out this detail.  You have been a stand-up guy on this issue, refusing to sugar coat the facts for the Tea Party kids, I hope you’re not caving now.  I look to your site for honest reporting, not the bloviating you get in certain other quarters.

Indeed, O’Donnell is down 34 percent to 50 percent but . . . in light of everything that’s come out about her, and considering that Delaware is a heavily Democrat-leaning state, doesn’t Coons’s lead seem a little small?

Rush Limbaugh is urging his listeners to go all-out for O’Donnell; she’s raised about $450,000 so far today. The once-massive funds gap won’t be so large after all.

Perhaps more significantly, 16 percentage points is about what Linda McMahon has shaved off Richard Blumenthal’s lead during this campaign. That race, too, features a first-time* candidate with a lot of actions and associations in her past that are usually a tough sell. So far this year, Connecticut voters don’t seem to mind too much. They’re much more worried about what Washington is doing to the country.

Look at Nevada. Sharron Angle has plenty of past comments and stances that ought to make her hard to elect statewide; she’s neck-and-neck with the Senate majority leader. So far this year, Nevada voters don’t seem to mind Angle’s offbeat statements too much; they’re much more worried about what Washington is doing to the country.

In Ohio, Ted Strickland tried to make a big issue out of John Kasich’s work on Wall Street. So far, Ohio voters don’t care; they care more about the fact that the Buckeye State hasn’t seen any of those new jobs Strickland promised.

Christine O’Donnell has a lot of baggage. But Delaware Republicans didn’t care; they’re much more worried about what Washington is doing to the country. Is it so unthinkable that a majority of voters in the state as a whole think the same way?

* O’Donnell is not a first-time candidate. However, considering how little attention her last two Senate bids received, this is probably the first year most Delaware voters have really examined her, her stances, and her record.

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