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Obama Is Losing His Fans


Has any state turned as definitively against Obama as Indiana? Justin Graber offers this eye-opening story:

Ed worked nearly 30 years for Monaco Coach, an RV manufacturer, before being laid off during the severe downturn. Ed had quite the story to tell, and apparently some of the president’s staff agreed when they asked him to introduce president Obama when he came to town.

That’s right, Ed was none other than Ed Neufeldt, a Wakarusa man who introduced Obama during the president’s February 2009 address at Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana. At that time Ed was a Democrat, and a big Obama supporter. In fact, he took time during the introduction to plead with America to support the president’s stimulus plan.

But oh how times have changed. About 6-months ago, Ed began to question the wisdom of all the federal spending, the bailouts, the takeovers and the freedoms that by definition were being lost in the process. That metamorphosis came full circle, as Ed stood in the midst of the Tea Party movement, sporting a Glenn Beck t-shirt and a Marlin Stutzman sticker.

. . . Congressional candidate Jackie Walorski commented on the surprising number of Democrats who spoke to her during the event. Which begs the question, just how many ‘Eds’ are out there?

Back in April, I wrote, “If Ellsworth wants help, the 2010 edition of Obama isn’t likely to do the trick. And the Obama of 2008 is not likely to reappear.” I guess the Obama of February 2009 is gone, too.

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