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Dear Campaigns: Simplify Your Donation Process!


An NRO reader who has donated to plenty of campaigns writes in:

I’ve been watching with interest your list of under-the-radar House candidates who could use help.  (I’ve actually donated quite a lot of small and large dollar amounts to multiple candidates this season.)  

Here’s the thing, though:  can you post at NRO Online that these guys need to change their websites to add a @#$! Paypal donation button? 

I can tolerate (barely) filling in the personal information, knowing that I’ll be bombarded all the more by future money begs in my mailbox and breathless emails in my inbox (each class of which, FWIW, I toss/delete without opening, because the volume is so huge.  Unless there is a visible dollar.  Then I open the mailer, but mentally think I’ll never vote for or donate to that candidate again, because if I want to vote for someone who randomly distributes dollars, I already know to vote for a Democrat). 

But I do not have the time nor patience to fill all that stuff in AND regurgitate all of my credit card information over and over again.  It would take hours, and I don’t have hours for people who ultimately are asking me for free money. Paypal, on the other hand, I just type in my password, and go.  Quick.  Easy.  Efficient.

. . . I can tolerate filling it out and swearing that no, I’m not a foreign national or someone under the age of 18 or donating more than $2400.  But I can’t quickly type off my credit card info, security code, etc. especially off the top of my head, and I like to think I’m somewhere north of 50% on the bell curve. . . .  ;-) 

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