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A Shift in Oregon


Last year, The Oregonian newspaper endorsed President Obama and in the state’s 1st Congressional District, they endorsed, “David Wu, Democrat. He has had a solid term of accomplishment for the district and provided an urgently needed vote this month for the federal bailout of the lending industry.”

This year, the editors write, “Rep. David Wu of Portland has represented Oregon’s 1st District for six terms, partly due to his own tenacity, partly due to an uneven series of Republican challengers. During this time, the Democrat’s own impact in the House of Representatives has also been uneven, raising issues about the district’s voice in Washington that his GOP opponents have failed to seize. his year, Tualatin small-businessman Rob Cornilles is mounting the most serious challenge to Wu in memory. Northwest Oregon voters seeking a new, more-consistent presence in Congress should choose Cornilles, and let him work to build a firmer connection from Washington County to Washington, D.C.” 

They sound tired of what they have been getting: “Especially during his current term, Wu can point to some achievements in Congress; he was a part of the regional effort that improved Medicare formulas in favor of Oregon and similar states, and he has worked to raise the profile of community colleges. But voters can legitimately wonder whether 12 years in the House should have produced a more prominent force in the Capitol.” 

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