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Two Days of Pretty Darn Good Poll Results for the GOP



A reader writes in, noting he feels nervous that the GOP has peaked.

Just looking at the polls out yesterday and today:

In Connecticut, McMahon trails Blumenthal by only 3; yesterday Rasmussen had her down 5.

In West Virginia, John Raese is ahead of Joe Manchin by 2.

In Washington, Dino Rossi is within a point of Patty Murray.

In Ohio, Republican Rob Portman leads Lee Fisher by 13.

In Wisconsin, Russ Feingold trails the GOP’s Ron Johnson by 8.

In New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte is up 14; Republican John Stephen is within 2 of the state’s incumbent Democrat governor. Frank Guinta is up by 10 above incumbent Democrat congresswoman Carol Shea Porter. In the other seat, the GOP’s Charlie Bass is up by 2.

In Illinois, Mark Kirk leads Alexi Giannoulias by 2.

In Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett continue to run away with their races.

Oh, and Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want to stick around the White House until Election Day.

Now, keep in mind, a lot of these are small leads or close. When the race is close, there’s always a chance your preferred candidate falls just short.

Are there bits of bad news? Sure. Neither Senate race in New York looks terribly competitive. The Colorado governor’s race looks like a sure Democratic win. A poll putting incumbent Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland within 2 of John Kasich is a little unnerving.

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