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The NRCC Unveils Seven Pretty Good Internal Polls


The NRCC releases a bunch of their internal polls:

  • In Arizona’s 1st District, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick trails Republican Paul Gosar by 3 points, 45-42.
  • In Arizona’s 5th District, Democrat Harry Mitchell trails Republican David Schweikert by 1 point, 45-44.
  • In Colorado’s 3rd District, Democrat John Salazar is tied with Republican Scott Tipton, 45-45.
  • In Florida’s 24th District, Democrat Suzanne Kosmas trails Republican Sandy Adams by 10 points, 49-39.
  • In Maryland’s 1st District, Democrat Frank Kratovil trails Republican Andy Harris by 4 points, 43-39.
  • In Oregon’s 5th District, Democrat Kurt Schrader trails Republican Scott Bruun by 1 point, 45-44.
  • In Virginia’s 2nd District, Democrat Glenn Nye trails Republican Scott Rigell by 5 points, 45-40.

None of these are done deals, obviously. But each of these Republicans can feel pretty good at this point.

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