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Tom Foley’s Big Comeback -- But Not the One You Might Think


The Republican Governors Association appears set for a good year, but Connecticut was one of those states where the GOP looked likely to lose the governor’s mansion. Then again… maybe not. Quinnipiac informs us this morning:


Fueled by a shift among independent Connecticut likely voters, Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley now has 42 percent to Democrat Dan Malloy’s 45 percent, making the race too close to call, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. 

This compares to a 50 – 41 percent Malloy lead in a September 15 likely voter survey by the independent Quinnipiac University poll, conducted by live interviewers.

In today’s survey, 12 percent of likely voters are undecided and 22 percent of voters who name a candidate say they could change their mind by Election Day.  Malloy leads 86 – 8 percent among Democrats.  Foley leads 82 – 9 percent among Republicans.  Independent voters shift from a 42 – 44 percent split September 15 to 44 – 38 percent for Foley today.  

I feel bad for a Republican candidate named Tom Foley; all of his campaign discussions outside the state must begin with, “No, he’s not that Tom Foley, the former Speaker of the House…”

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