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Obama? Pelosi? Never Heard of Them!


Here’s another incumbent Democrat, insisting he’s nothing like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi: Ike Skelton of Missouri.

The ad’s opening line: “If Vicky Hartzler is trying to compare Ike Skelton to Obama and Pelosi, they’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Of course, Skelton voted for cap-and-trade, for the stimulus, cosponsored card check, and he’s wishy-washy on Obamacare. Skelton said that he voted in favor of a referendum that supported a Missouri legal challenge to Obamacare’s individual mandate, but he has not signed on to a discharge petition for legislation to repeal Obamacare. Perhaps he’s confused.

Five of his ads are aiming at Hartzler as anti-military. “Veterans are the backbone of this country. What doesn’t she understand about that?”

The Kansas City Star explains the thin gruel supporting the charge: 

The ad refers to votes Hartzler cast as a member of the Missouri House in 1997 and 1998. In 1997, she was one of 29 votes against a bill to increase bonuses for members of the Missouri National Guard and establish a trust fund that could be used in part to pay for military honors at some funerals.

Her campaign says she voted no because the bill would have spent money on issues unrelated to the Guard, jeopardizing money for the troops.

The proposal, which got 128 yes votes, did not become law that year.

In 1998, she voted against a bill that would have established a pilot program allowing people in “federal overseas service,” including civilians, to vote using the Internet.

Yes, these tactics scream confidence.

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