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Lou Holtz, Getting Fired Up Once Again


Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz offers a message on behalf of the NRCC:

We are late into the fourth quarter of the midterm elections and the NRCC needs your immediate help to drive our Republican Party to Victory. In case you don’t recognize me, my name is Lou Holtz and if my 40 years coaching college football taught me anything, it’s how to spot a winning team.

And I’m writing to tell you — Quarterbacked by John Boehner and Pete Sessions — our Republican Party has an excellent team of limited government, pro-freedom individuals ready to take the field in Washington and defeat the other team’s liberal agenda.But they can’t find the End Zone without your support. With less than 28 days left until the election your support is needed. It may mean the difference between 38 seats and the majority.

You see, despite the slew of positive polls and media reports on our Party’s terrific chance to recapture the U.S. House majority, the truth is the ball is still on the 20-yard line with plenty of time left on the clock.

And the other team is fierce. They will say or spend anything to get another four downs to spend our money and strip away our freedoms that have made America a beacon of hope for 234 years.

My friend, YOU are the NRCC’s 12th man and they urgently need your help to win every U.S. House seat possible, fire Nancy Pelosi, and elect a Republican to the Speaker’s chair this November.Please join me and help them by making a generous contribution of $39, $1 dollar for every seat needed create a NEW Republican Majority. Your support may mean the difference between 38 seats and the majority.Thank you.


Lou Holtz, 

Hall of Fame Coach 

Ironically, after the e-mail ended, he continued, “You’re talking about one poll. One [darn] poll. The guy was not — was not a good congressman last year! He was very disappointing. We’re talking about the best congressmen, not who had the best day! Not who’s played the weakest [darn] schedule! Who the heck have the Democrats played?”

[Slight language warning in this clip.]

UPDATE: Speaking of college football, in Ohio, Democrat Lee Fisher argues that the job-creation record compiled by him and Ted Strickland is comparable to Woody Hayes’s “three yards and a cloud of dust.”

Republican Rob Portman observes the state has lost 400,000 jobs in the past four years. Perhaps Fisher meant “three yards, a fumble, and the defense runs it back the distance for six points.”

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