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Quinnipiac Poll Suggests Lee Fisher Should Invoke the Mercy Rule or Something


Quinnipiac begins last rites for the Lee Fisher for Senate campaign in Ohio.

Republican Rob Portman remains far ahead of Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, 55 – 36 percent among likely voters, in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today that shows the race unchanged from Portman’s 55 – 35 percent likely voter lead September 17.

By a 44 – 33 percent margin, likely voters in Ohio want the Republicans to take control of the U.S. Senate after the November elections, the independent Quinnipiac University survey finds. Voters also want, 54 – 39 percent, their senator to oppose President Obama’s policies.

Portman leads 93 – 3 percent among Republicans and 67 – 25 percent among independent voters, while Fisher carries Democrats 80 – 10 percent.  Portman has a small 47 – 43 percent lead among women, but buries Fisher among men 63 – 30 percent.

“It would seem that Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher’s best shot at victory might be finding a way to stop men from voting.  Otherwise, he faces an incredibly uphill battle in the four weeks before Election Day in reversing a 33-point disadvantage among male voters,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “The fact that Fisher hasn’t been able to make up any ground since the last Quinnipiac University poll is a bad omen for his ability to make this a close race.”

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