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2008 Democrats: We Believe! 2010 Democrats: We’re Obligated!


Gallup illustrates what motivates Democratic voters this cycle.

One in three registered voters who are supporting the Democratic candidate in their congressional district say they are doing so because they “always vote Democratic.” This explanation far exceeds any other when Democratic voters are asked in an open-ended fashion why they are supporting their chosen candidate.

An entire 15 percent of Democrats say they’re voting for the Democratic candidate because they favor the Democrats’ agenda and policies. Another 13 percent say it’s because they dislike Republicans.

Yay, team!

Among Republicans, 16 percent say it’s because they support GOP policies, 15 percent because they always vote Republican, 11 percent because they dislike Democrats.

They find 10 percent of Republicans say they’re “voting for change”; only 2 percent of Democrats are.

Bob Hope noticed this phenomenon a long time ago.

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