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Goodbye, Phil Hare: GOP’s Bobby Schilling Raises $375K in a Quarter


Remember, Bobby Schilling. When you’re a big-shot Illinois congressman, remember who was writing stuff like this in May:

In yesterday’s rankings, the one that has generated the most skepticism is putting Rep. Phil Hare of Illinois in the “Blue/As Difficult as Beating the St. Louis Rams” category. As one media guy who watches Congress closely put it:

You have Phil Hare in the easiest to beat bunch. He seems more like Leans Democrat to me — equivalent to your Orange/Eagles group. This is a district that was carried not just by Obama, but by Kerry and Gore. In 2008, Republicans couldn’t even be bothered to contest Hare, and he got 57 percent the last time they did. He’s done a couple stupid things lately — ‘I don’t care about the constitution’ and not releasing an internal poll — but this one seems to be a much harder take-away than some others.

All true, but I figure the “I don’t care about the Constitution” makes for one wicked attack ad, and that internal poll must have shown something pretty ominous, or else he would have released it. (Think about it, even a 55-45 split in his favor would be acceptable to release.)

Now everybody has the race a toss-up, and the DCCC is putting funding into this district, and now this:

Today the Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign released two key indicators proving their campaign is gaining momentum against liberal incumbent Phil Hare.

Since June 30, Bobby Schilling’s has raised $375,262 and has over $420,962 cash on hand to fight back against Phil Hare’s negative attacks and misleading TV advertisements.This was the best fundraising quarter that the Schilling campaign has had to date.

3rd Quarter Total Raised: $375,262

Cash On Hand: $420,962

Total Raised To Date: $675,899 

A recent poll by Public Opinion Strategies of 400 likely voters, conducted on September 26 and 27, with a margin of error of 4.9 percent shows Schilling and Hare tied at 37-38 percent. Schilling leads Hare by 18 points among voters who have heard of both candidates, and by 29 points among voters who have an opinion of both candidates. Pollster Glen Bolger said of this poll “Incumbent Phil Hare has real problems with the electorate in this district. Voters are upset at the direction of the country. Hare’s image is underwhelming. Incumbents at 38% on the ballot test don’t win unless they are successful at burning down their opponent.”

Oh, sure, there’s still an election to be won. But right now I think the St. Louis Rams would be more offended by the comparison to Phil Hare.

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