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Never Mind Dingell; Why Is Dale Kildee Running Attack Ads?


A GOP operative in Michigan tells me he’s seeing an attack ad aiming to help out incumbent Democrat Dale Kildee, hitting Republican challenger John Kupiec. Local media is noticing, too. (The ad is not yet on the Kildee campaign’s YouTube page, nor that of the Michigan Democratic Party.)

Kildee’s district scores D+11 on the Cook Partisan Voting Index, and he won 70 percent in 2008 and 73 percent in 2006. What is he seeing that’s making him go negative on a Republican who has raised, as of July 14, all of $57,390?

Is it just the gubernatorial blowout that has Michigan Democrats like Kildee and John Dingell nervous? Or are they seeing something in their internal polls or district meetings that genuinely worries them?

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